Value of Data

Published: 08/10/2020

The DMA’s Value of Data campaign was launched in 2018 to elevate and champion the role of data – from the classroom to the boardroom, to help organisations responsibly deliver value to their customers.

The campaign is journeying through an engaging roadmap through challenging ethical and legal landscapes to allow bold, innovative, and data-led approaches to customer engagement to thrive.


As an industry, we need to restore trust and establish the true worth of information, which benefits both brands and customers.

By creating a universal understanding of the value of data we can help brands and customers enjoy more meaningful interactions.

The DMA is leading the data debate from Scotland – and will drive the conversation across the UK and the world.

Ethics sit at the heart of the Value of Data campaign and will help mould a responsible route forward for practitioners.

DMA Scotland are working closely with academia, government & industry to unlock the vast potential of the industry.  

The campaign started with the question, ‘How can we put a value to values? How do we bring values and value together to help create business results and customer outcomes?’

An introductory piece in the shape of keynote whitepaper, helmed by key contributors from the University of Edinburgh and Design Informatics lead into the first of a series of lectures and the interactive ‘Happening’, which illustrated our objectives in a fun yet challenging format for the attendees.

The key contributors for our whitepaper ‘Shifting Values: An introduction to the value of data in the digital economy’ were Professor Chris Speed and Dr Ewa Luger.

This introductory paper examined themes of control, horizontal thinking, designing value and the ethical use of data. Read Shifting Values Whitepaper.  

The campaign has delivered webinar ‘Is Consent Broken?, The Value of Data Happening, Searching for Value in The Age of Data, A Reception at Holyrood.

The DMA has been working with Ethical Intelligence’s CEO and Founder Olivia Gambelin, to establish a wider understanding ethical frameworks.

To uncover the true potential value of data through ethical innovation, this stream of work looks to increase understanding of the frameworks through which ethical decision making can be conducted. 

The The Worth of Ethics whitepaper was published alongside Data Ethics – Tech’s Greatest Asset webinar in June 2020 and we have more planned around this activity.

The Value of Data campaign runs Creative Data Academies and Creative Data Labs through DMA Talent  programmes to show how data, insight and information are harnessed by people in the creative industries to craft beautiful, memorable experiences, and hopefully an exciting career in our industry

The NeuroDiversity Initiative helps organisations widen their talent pools by making adjustments to physical working practices and shifting culture to accept individuals in the workforce who are neurodiverse.  For more information contact DMA Talent.

Find out more about the DMA’s Value of Data Campaign

Article written by DMA Scotland.

Firas Khnaisser, Chair of DMA Scotland will be joining the line up for our annual data conference at 2pm with the presentation entitled: Enough about data, let's talk about people. Click here to book your place. 


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