Edinburgh offers to help The Scottish Football Industry

“Scottish football is undoubtedly a real pillar of connectivity, both locally and internationally, something that is not always grasped, understood or capitalised upon by the Scottish Government or maximised by individual football clubs and we can and want to help both do better” writes Grant Jarvie  Football clubs and sport maximise the use of data […]

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Using data to prevent disease

Scientists around the world have been using data to help prevent disease, including Covid-19, flu and food poisoning.  Covid-19 Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists have been analysing large amounts of data relating to coronavirus and patient genetics, to identify patients at risk and devise treatments. Read our blog post about using data to […]

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Using data to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists have been collecting and analysing large amounts of data relating to virus and patient genetics, to help to tackle the disease. Data has been fundamental to identifying patients at risk, devising treatments and tracking coronavirus spread and the development of new variants. Patient data Researchers have studied […]

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Time to take back control of our data

MIT’s Alex Pentland speaks to us about the importance of ‘neighbourhood data’ in tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges – and why we need data unions. Alex Pentland was once named one of the seven most influential data scientists in the world. Five years ago, his ground-breaking book Social Physics described how ideas flow through social […]

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Value of Data

The DMA’s Value of Data campaign was launched in 2018 to elevate and champion the role of data – from the classroom to the boardroom, to help organisations responsibly deliver value to their customers. The campaign is journeying through an engaging roadmap through challenging ethical and legal landscapes to allow bold, innovative, and data-led approaches to […]

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Hardwiring ethics into a future worth wanting

How can we fuse technology and ethics to create the kind of future we want? Professor Shannon Vallor, Director of the Centre for Technomoral Futures in Edinburgh, talks to the DDI and David Lee about why we must act urgently. Every day, we all make a multitude of instant and often emotional online decisions, which […]

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Coronavirus Contract Tracing App is Privacy Secure, but Still Has Issues

Last week, a new Covid contract tracing APP was released in England and Wales. The original app was steeped in controversy from who won the APP contract, Tech giants refusing to ‘home’ the App and conspiracy theories emerging about what the UK Government planned to do with their personal data. The UK Government appear to […]

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