Coronavirus Contract Tracing App is Privacy Secure, but Still Has Issues

Published: 30/09/2020

Last week, a new Covid contract tracing APP was released in England and Wales.

The original app was steeped in controversy from who won the APP contract, Tech giants refusing to ‘home’ the App and conspiracy theories emerging about what the UK Government planned to do with their personal data. The UK Government appear to have learned from its early mistakes and have demonstrated how they want to build public trust to ensure that the app can be effective as it can in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

The App’s Privacy Notice is as you would expect, available online to reassure people about the use of data and signposts a section which explains the data journey and how personal data is used in different every day scenarios. A Data Protection Impact Assessment is also available with more information and assurances given on the ICO website. It is going to take some very creative PR to change a lot of mindsets and break down barriers to the public downloading and using the App.

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Article written by DMA Scotland.

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